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The whole process is only going to cost you  £80.00 pounds sterling fee to process your application successfully . Our application process is totally transparent and there is no small print anywhere on our forms. The NHS will approve your pro-forma invoice in advance of your treatment which guarantees payment .  Once your treatment is completed  the CrossBorderclinics will pay your Hospital in full and claim their reimbursement in full at a later date. We can arrange interest free credit terms with most clinics and hospitals abroad taking away the stress from you trying to find the money to pay up front.




We have agreements is place with some Hospitals/Clinics (not all)  to bear the costs for your travel and accommodation if required. One must be advised that travel and accommodation would be budget standard. All the current Hospitals and Clinics we deal with have arrangements in place with local hotels and guest houses to get generous discounts for traveling companions.