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European Clinics and Hospitals:

We have access to software with details of every Private Clinic and Hospital across Europe. This data base contains all the licensing details and country regulation details accredited to that Hospital or Private Clinic that you may choose.

We will only offer you Hospital choices that are fully regulated and that are accepted by your health service provider (NHS). This where our service is unique where we have the data base of all the Private Clinics and Hospitals across Europe. This saves you time and the time of your busy GP searching for the right facility that can offer you the best treatment without being on a waiting NHS list.


We can give you as many Hospital/Clinic choices in any country or city you may choose to have your treatment done. If you wish to travel with a partner we will arrange budget accommodation as near as possible to that hospital/clinic where you are being treated. All the current Private Hospitals and Clinics we deal with have discount arrangements in place with local hotels and guest for traveling companions.