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 Our mission is to make sure British Citizens have choices

Every British Citizen has the right to access the 2011 Cross-Border Health Care Directive and we intend in our quest to make sure every person in the United Kingdom is aware of its existence. www.crossborderclinics.com intend to spread the word across our nation as quick as possible and let people be aware of whats available to them.

We intend to spread the word by Newspaper advertising, social media, and road shows. We believe that this cross-border directive is the best kept secret in Britian. We travel up and down the country talking to doctors who have never heard of this scheme and have patients waiting more than two years for surgery.

If you ask any optician in Britian 90% of them have no knowledge of the Cross-border Directive but know of customers who are on two year NHS waiting lists to get their cataract treatment. If a person approach us to get their cataract treated ,we can arrange the procedure with one of the best Private Clinics in Europe and have their treatment completed within thirty days.

Last year the NHS completed a few hundred successful applications where a small country like Denmark completed 31,000 successful applications. When we first came across the Health-Care Directive and read through it carefully we found it to be flawed. The directive expect you to pay all the fees for your treatment up front in some cases tens of thousands of pounds, and then claim your reimbursement from the NHS at a later date. We thought this was grossly unfair and for some people impossible to raise those funds especially for elderly folk surviving on a pension.  The other major problem was people dint know how to find an hospital in another country that was participating in this cross-border scheme.   

www.crossborderclinics.com addressed those two major problems and resolved both issues. Our software database identified all NHS registered approved Private Clinics and Hospital throughout Europe . We are in a position to offer a customer Hospital choices in the country of their choice. More importantly we offer interest free funding to pay for the cost of the procedure taking away all that stress and worry of self funding it them self. Our mission is to make this Cross-Border Directive work for every British Citizen.