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Application Fee:

There is a one off commitment fee to pay of £80.00 pounds sterling to process your application. There are no administration fee for arranging the interest free credit facility arrangements. There  are no other fees or up-front payments to be made and no small print on our application forms allowing the whole process to be transparent and easy to use.


Social Enterprise:

Our mission is to help people living in the United Kingdom understand their entitlements ,benefits, and advantage's by using the 2011 EU Cross-Border Directive. Many thousands of people are on a never ending NHS waiting lists for their treatment and procedures that are a matter of urgency. We can help you get that treatment or procedure done free without being on a waiting list. We will process your application within 30 days and have your appointment and dates arranged for your treatment or procedure without fuss.


Application Process:

We will help you complete the application forms with ease and once you have completed your application we will do the rest. We will chase your doctor or consultant to furnish your medical history as quickly as possible to your treating hospital provider. We will never ask to see your medical history as that is a private matter between your doctor and clinic. Whilst getting  your application processed and approved under the 2011 Cross-Border Directive scheme we will be offering you choices of Private Clinics or Hospitals in what ever country you choose to go to. All applications can be completed within 30 days .


Clinics Choices:

Once we receive your completed application we will give you access to the best approved Hospitals and Private Clinics across Europe. We will guide you through the process in making your choice and we will supply you with testimonies about the clinics and hospitals you may to choose. If you want to keep your travelling to a minimum we can recommend private Clinics and Hospitals in England which is fifty minutes flying time.